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I'm trying to install the new 2.19.0 version of Sugarcube in Twine 2.1.3 (French language).

The installation fails with the message :

Le format d'histoire /home/pierre/twine_2.1.3/SugarCube-2/format.js n'a pas pu être rajouté ().
(The storyformat /home/pierre/twine_2.1.3/SugarCube-2/format.js has not been added)

The installation has succeeded with no problem in Twine 2.0.11.

Any advice ?

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To ensure there's nothing wrong with the archive, I just downloaded SugarCube v2.19.0 for Twine 2.1 from its website and installed it into Twine 2.1.3.  I encountered no difficulties, so that doesn't seem to be the problem.

I suppose the first thing to check would be to ensure that you downloaded the proper release.  There are two available for Twine 2, one for the Twine 2.1 series and another for the Twine 2.0 series.

Beyond that, if you had it installed in Twine 2.0.11, did you uninstall it before you upgraded to Twine 2.1.3?  If not, then it's probably still registered within Twine 2's settings and you may have to purge its application data—one of my replies to the Twine Crashed forum thread may be able to help with that.

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Thanks for your answer. I have removed Twine 2.0.11 and purged the cache as you suggested. And now, it works.

By the way, it works to with Twee2.