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Hello all!

SugarCube 2.28.2

It used to be that you added:

Config.saves.autosave = "thunderbirds";
Config.saves.autoload = true;

to your javascript, and it would save in passages tagged "thunderbirds". Recently it autosaves in every passage even if I delete these lines from the javascript. What changed and especially how do I make it stop?

Thank you!

[Update: I think this problem is with reloading the tab: closing and reopening seems to work normally. But if I reload the tab it goes to the passage you are on, but of course since the background sound is started on a previous passage it is lost.]

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The current play session being restored if a player reloads the page has always been a feature of SugarCube (since v1), it is nothing new.

Using SugarCube's restart feature or closing out the tab/window will drop the session.
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I guess I had always closed instead of reloading the tab before, or got confused with some other problem. Thanks anyway!
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