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Hello all!

Using SugarCube 2.28.2, but I'm quite sure this is a browser problem.

Previously in .ico images, transparent white displayed as transparent white: now it displays as transparent gray, which messes up some of my custom cursors. And if transparent white does not display as transparent white, I am not sure what to edit (complete transparency works as before).

(Another thing that changed is that now any cursor image larger than 32px is discarded when it touches the edge of the browser, which I noticed affecting another completely unconnected site. I can fix this by stepping down to 32px size at the edge, with some intermediate sizes to make it smoother. But I know for a fact that this was not the case before.)

The same effects are found on both Chrome and Firefox.

Thank you for your help!

[Update: one clue may be that a screen capture produces an image that looks exactly like it was before, without the gray. To get an image of the gray I had to take a picture of the screen with my camera (which always looks weird anyway, but here it is). I also confirmed that the gray color is present on another computer, so it doesn't have to do with the monitor.]



And here are the ICO files that are affected:

Feather, Candle

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by, "transparent white displayed as transparent white: now it displays as transparent gray".  If it's transparent then it's clear and you can completely see through it.  I think you mean translucent, but translucent white will look gray when it's over a black background.*

I think you need to show a picture demonstrating the difference and also link to the .ICO file so we can see how the image is set up.

*: I just want to say, I'm not merely being pedandic here, because "transparent white" has a specific meaning, i.e. that the pixels are both colored white, and either that white has been marked as the transparent color or it's used as a transparency mask.  Either way usually it refers to 100% transparency, not some degree of opacity/translucency.
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Thank you for your reply!

I've edited the original post with images of before and after. However taking a screen shot produced an image like before, and I had to take a picture with my camera to capture the gray color I am seeing now: that probably is a clue to the problem.

No worries mate! To be "pedantic" myself, I was taught that "transparent" meant that things could be distinguishable (apparent) through it, whereas translucent only let through light (lucidity). Thus colored glasses are transparent, and an agate is (usually) only translucent. At any rate, it is more convenient to say "transparent white" rather than "white without full opacity".
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Could you post a link to the .ICO file too?
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Oh sorry! I added those now.