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Hi. This was posted on the forums just before the switch-over to this site.


I was asking about creating an area to place images into, and Chapel had been kind enough to help me, but I'm having issues getting it to work. I'm using Harlowe 2.0.


Chapel suggested a series of codes to use, so I'll list them below:

<div class='img-container'><img "..."></div>

This was to be placed in the passage, and then a further snippet of code within the stylesheet:

.img-container {
  margin: 1em;
  float: right; 

However, my stylesheet is throwing up an error with the .img-container. I tried setting a body or tw-passage before but it doesn't seem to work for creating the float.


This is kind of out of my knowledge base and despite trying to figure out how to fix it, i've run into difficulty. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you cut-and-paste those two examples directly from your project, because if I use them in a new Harlowe 2 project they work as expected.

Sometimes when you get a syntax error message about the contents of a stylesheet the actual issue is in the CSS around the point the error message indicates.
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Yes, I copy/pasted them.


I've just seen that there was a problem with the order, and when I placed it at the top, it seemed to work. It was only bringing up the error when I placed it at the bottom of the sheet. Weird, but it seems to be working now.


Thank you for the assistance!