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Is there a way for the game to set a remembered variable if a script is ran?(This code being <<script>>window.close()<</script>>)


In my game, a game over by a certain character will forcibly close the game(BAD END). While I know this is annoying to some, I want the game to remember this so when you reopen the game; it will goto a passage.

non working example being:


<<if <<script>>window.close()<</script>> >>

<<set $remember to 1>>

<<remember $remember is 1>>



At title(beginning passage)

<if $Remember is 1>> goto [[you meet a terrible fate]]<</if>>


basically, I want the game to remember when you get a game over and display a passage once or for multiple game overs.(if possible). 

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WARNING: The window.close() function doesn't always close the current window / tab, for example in the current version of Firefox on Windows 10 calling that function may result in a Javascript error in the developer's console instead. In Internet Explore & Edge calling that function may result in the end-user being shown a dialog asking them if they want to close the window / tab.

Whichever technique you use to persist the value that indicates that a bad ending has occurred (eg. using Web Storage to save the value) you will need to do that persistence before calling the window.close() function.

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good to know. changed it to just restart.
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I would not use window.close().  Your game is a guest in the player's browser, be a good one.  Attempting to close tabs/windows without permission is not how you go about that.

If you really want to kick the player to the curb on a bad end, then I'd suggest calling the Engine.restart() static method instead.  The code might look like:

<<remember $BADEND to true>>

To redirect the player to the bad end passage on startup, I recommend the Config.navigation.override setting, not a <<goto>> in your starting passage.  For example: (goes in Story JavaScript)

Config.navigation.override = function () {
	if (State.variables.BADEND) {
		return 'you meet a terrible fate';

To remove the bad end hijack for the player at some point, do something like the following:

<<forget $BADEND>>
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Worked great! also using the restart method now. thanks a ton TheMadExile!