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i know this has been asked already but almost all of the answers are outdated or dont help at all. so i just need a streight forward and understandable response that actually works! please. i really need to know how to do this cause my stories are basically unplayable without this... so ya hope y'all can help me out! thanks for your time. version 2.3.3 harlowe 3.0.2           


if you dont understand the question heres a brief explanation. lets say i have 3 passages. passage 1 passage 2. and passage 3. i want to make it where i can access passage 3 by going through passage 2. but i cant access passage 3 until i open passage 1. makes sense? thats all.
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You can use a combination of the (if:) macro and the Array returned by the (history:) macro to determine Passage 1 has been visited, and to conditionally display the Passage 2 link based on that result.

(if: (history:) contains "Passage 1")[ [[Passage 2]]]