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I tried searching for this but couldn't find anything. I just switched to Harlowe 2.0.1 and when I test a passage, a sidebar in the lower right of the window pops up with a list of every variable in the game. It's blocking my screen space and I have to maximize the window in order to see anything. Does anyone know how to remove the sidebar? Thanks.

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It is unclear from you question is you are:

1. Using the Test option in the lower right corner to "Test" your passage.
If so then simple use the Play option instead.

2. Using the Test story starting here option in the content menu.
If so then you can place CSS like the following within your story's Story Shylesheet area to hide the debugger area.

tw-debugger {
	display: none;

a. This will also hide the debugger area while using the Test option.
b. The above CSS also works for Harlowe 1.x

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It was the second, and that fixed it perfectly. Thank you!!
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I've stumbled upon a variation to this solution that I find preferable, though I'll admit I don't entirely understand why it works. 

First, let me clarify that I've also had problems with the debugger display area -- not just that the variable list ties up screen space, but also that the variable listing becomes "squashed" and unreadable when it gets overpopulated (instead of expanding into a scrollable list.) Ideally, I'd like a fix for that problem. 

Thinking that the overflow setting might affect the scroll bar, I tried a few options, and noticed that the following CSS seems to remove the variable watch list and free up screen space, but leaves the debug view toggle button visible so the test mode remains usable. 

tw-debugger {
	overflow: hidden;