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I am trying to build an inventory system based on datamaps. Now, if the player drops an item I have to remove it from the datamap. I tried it in a similar way to an array:

 [(set: $inventory to it-(dm: $i, $inventory's $i))]

Where $i is the name string of the item.

Does not work. The Message I get is:

I can't use - on a datamap.►
I tried to perform an operation on some data, but the data's type was incorrect

I can't find anything about removing an item from a datamap in the documentation. How do I do it?

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You can us the (move:) macro to achieve the result you want.

(set: $inventory to (dm:
	"first key", "first value",
	"second key", "second value",
	"third key", "third value"

Inventory before: (print: $inventory)

(set: $key to "second key")
(move: $inventory's ($key) into _buffer)

Inventory after: (print: $inventory)

1. You will need a variable to use as an 'into' target of move, I suggests using a temporary variable for that purpose unless you actually want to store/use that value. 

2. Based on the documentation the correct way you use a value stored within a variable as the 'key' of an Array or a Datamap reference is to wrap that variable reference (an expression) within parenthesises like so:

(set: $key to "second key")

BAD reference to ''second key'' within datamap:
(print: $inventory's $key)

GOOD reference to ''second key'' within datamap:
(print: $inventory's ($key))

3. I also thought that a method similar to that you used in your original example would work, and I was equally surprised that it didn't.

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Thank you. It works.

Also thanks for the hint on correct reference. I'm pretty new to Harlowe, just downloaded twine two days ago. So I don't know all recommendations and best practices yet.