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[[1|Bad][$wrong += 1]]

[[2|Not bad][$wrong += 1]]

[[3|Good][$score += 2]]

[[4|Quite good][$score += 1]]

[[5|Very good][$score += 1]]

<<if $score is 6>>\
<<elseif $score is 5>>\
Not great!

<<if $wrong gt 1>>\
Doing bad!

<<if $hyper is 1>>\
Not bad!

<<print $wrong>>
<<print $score>>

I have created a story, I edited out the content and put this in it. If they were to go through the story, there would be 3 questions. If they score the right answer they get 2 points, for a total of 6. Close to the correct answer, then 1 point, and if incorrect they would get 1 point in the wrong variable.

If they get something wrong, it would take them to a passage to teach them some stuff. I have another check variable for after each question to make sure they don't repeat the Q or get stuck in a loop.

What I am basically trying to say is that my variables have been working in my story. But at some point its not working anymore at the end. The end screen I have created if functions where a message would appear depending on their score. But for $score, only the <<else>> is printed even if you get the max score (6 pts). And if you get any Qs wrong so you increase your $wrong value, the message for it doesn't show either. This doesn't make sense since if $wrong does not = 0 they were taken to a learning passage, yet at the end screen it doesn't show the message.

To also test this out, I wanted to print the 2 variables out to check if the numbers were right but it doesn't print anything. Just an empty space.

I had this working few days ago, so I don't know what is wrong! If anyone can tell me what happened it would be most appreciated!

Edit: I forgot to add, I do have a "StoryInit" passage where I set all my variables to 0. I also tested printing $checkpointH and that works, other variables wont print out.

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Nothing is obviously wrong with what you've shown.  Short of seeing the actual code, I'm unsure what anyone will be able to do for you.
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