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Hello everybody!

Using SugarCube 2.21. What I want is to have things you can click on in a passage which add 1 to a variable, and when that variable reaches a certain number they are sent to another passage. I tried something like this:

<<link test>><<if $test < 6>><<set $test += 1>><</if>><<if $test is 6>><<goto "yay">><</if>><</link>>

I even tried nested <<linkreplace>> macros, but however many times I clicked the link the <<goto>> macro never worked. It worked if I just set $test to 6, but nothing seemed to work with counting up.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Thank you all!

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I copied your code and it works for me without a problem. Did you properly set $test beforehand? Also it would be better to use a single if statement like this:

<<set $test to 0>>
<<link test>><<if $test < 6>><<set $test += 1>><<else>><<goto "yay">><</if>><</link>


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Ha ha! A world of possibilities unfoldeth! Thank you a lot.

If you are curious, I am using this to make a phone you can dial numbers on.
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Well, actually the phone ended up working a different way, but I used the counter for streaks in a mechanical game you find in the story.
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As explained by @idling you need to initialise a numerical variable before you can modify its value like you are doing within the body of your <<link>> macro call, generally the best place to do that initialising is within the StoryInit special passage like so:

<<set $test to 0>>


You should also wrap the linkText parameter of your <<link> macro within quotes, because it is a String value.

<<link "test">>


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Yes, I found out I needed the quotes for using <<linkreplace>>, but I did not know before because <<link>> worked without them, though I thought that was strange at the time.
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