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Hello guys, I'm having quite a problem at the moment and I was not able to figure out how to solve it by myself, so after trying a lot of different ways to make it work, there is nothing I can do, so I would like to request some help. Thanks beforehand!

So here is the code:

<<set $vest = 5>>
<<set $variable1 = 100>>
<<set $moralpueblo = 45>>

<<set $variable02 = $moralpueblo / 2>>
<<set $variable03 = $vest * 3>>

<<set $fuerzatropas = $fuerzatropas1 / $variable1>>
<<set $fuerzatropas1 = $variable02 + $variable03 + $tropas>>

By the way, $vest is just an abbreviation of two spanish words: ventaja estratégica wich means estrategic advantage

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You are trying to use the value of the $fuerzatropas1 story variable in a mathematical expression ...

<<set $fuerzatropas = $fuerzatropas1 / $variable1>>

 ... before you assigned it a numerical value in the next line. The same is true for your $tropas story variable which also hasn't been assigned a numerical value.

By default all SugarCube story versions story variables start as undefined and using an undefined story variable within a mathematical expression will result in a Not-a-Number error, because the value of the undefined variable isn't a number.

To solve your issue you need to first assign an initial value to the $tropas variable and then change the order of the last two lines in your example...

<<set $fuerzatropas1 = $variable02 + $variable03 + $tropas>>
<<set $fuerzatropas = $fuerzatropas1 / $variable1>>

... so the value of $fuerzatropas1 is calculate before you reference it in the other mathematical expression.

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Oh my god, I did such a stupid mistake... Thanks for answering the question!
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