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So I know I can use this to change the incoming and outgoing transitions for all passages:

.passage-in {
.passage {
.passage-out {

And I know I can use this to change the incoming/outgoing transitions for passages with certain tags:

.passage[data-tags~="tag"] {
.passage-out[data-tags~="tag"] {

But can I give a passage a different transition depending on how the player takes to get there? So like if a player clicks a link that leads to a new passage, I could use a horizontal scroll, but if the player clicks a link that refreshes the current passage (by linking to itself), I could just do a simple fade in/out.

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Forgive me I am a noob, but maybe this is what you want to do? 

<<if previous() eq passage() >>
/% Fade In Transition %/
/% Horizontal scroll transition %/

Put your transition code and let us see if it works.