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Hey I'm trying to install Twine 2 in my workspace which has only windows, please help me 

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Hi, I'm not quite sure as to the relevance of the linked word "workspace"?

Here is a link to download Twine: http://twinery.org/

It can be downloaded on Windows in Version 2.2.1 or 1.4.2 via the yellow post-it note on the right-hand side of the page.

Alternatively, you can use it online and save your work locally by selecting "Publish to File".

If this isn't what you mean, feel free to reply with further clarification.
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You can also download a local copy of the web-browser based release (which is the same as the one hosted online) from the project's releases page, it is the ZIP file without an operating system in it's file name. eg. twine_2.2.1.zip

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On second thoughts, this may be a Spam post utilising Twinery.org for backlinks (which explains the use of the link to wta.au.edu).

I'm reluctant to mark it as Spam in case this is a genuine query though.
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@Kinkaii: I noticed that too when posting my previous comment, and didn't 'hide the question' for the same reasons.

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