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probably another dumb question but I want a timed section that has the typed in transition but using the way they say <<timed 5s t8n>> uses the fade in transition. I've tried to do <<timed 5s t8n typed>> but that hasn't worked either, it still does the fade in. Other things I've tried

  • <<timed 5s t8n .typed>>
  • <<timed 5s t8n .typed;>>
  • <<timed 5s t8n typed;>>
  • <<timed 5s t8n @@.typed;>>
  • <<timed 5s typed;>> - which for some reason made the entire piece of text yellow but with no errors
  • and <<timed 5s typed>> - which does the same yellow text

So, I'm out of ideas. I've tried searching the old forums but I've come up with nothing.

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The <<timed>> macro's documentation states exactly what parameters the macro accepts, you can't just add new ones and expect them to work.

Unfortunately it seems that the <<timed>> macro and the .typed module are not compatible, or at least I could not work out a way for both of their event timer based code to co-operate without having to modify their code. 

The README.html file that comes with the typed.js integration module contains examples on how to modify the .typed CSS class so that it delays the initial start of the effect. I suggest you look at the example titled "To delay the start of typing for 800ms:" and change the value from 800 millisecond (0.8 of a second) to 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds).

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okay, thank you for your help. I'll read it again and pay more attention this time.

By the way, congratz on answering 100 questions!