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So, I sorta get the gist of how Twine2 works. But what I'm most curious about is this:

Can I set my "story" up in one of the formats as a more "text based" game?

To clarify: I'd like the player to have to type in things rather than click on things. Much like "Zork" or something similar, just less "move east" and more "get up." Like "You Find Yourself in a Room."

Any help whatsoever, however minimal or colossal the information provided may be, is much appreciated. Thank you!

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There was a Is it possible to make a "parser-style" game using Twine? discussion on the Old Forums Archive about this subject, I suggest you read it. (and maybe the linked articles as well)


Simple answer was:
Yes, it is possible but it isn't easy to do and their wasn't a existing pre-built solution.

Basic recommendation was either:
a. Use links instead.
b. Use a different product to build your game.

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Probably most advanced tool for creating parser games is Inform

It's also worth to mention TADS and probably recent Adventuron.