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 Macros that produce commands include [[harlowe:​display|(display:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​print|(print:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​go-to|(go-to:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​save-game|(save-game:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​load-game|(load-game:​)]],​ Macros that produce commands include [[harlowe:​display|(display:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​print|(print:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​go-to|(go-to:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​save-game|(save-game:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​load-game|(load-game:​)]],​
 [[harlowe:​link-goto|(link-goto:​)]],​ and more. [[harlowe:​link-goto|(link-goto:​)]],​ and more.
 +Commands like [[harlowe:​display|(display:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​print|(print:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​link|(link:​)]],​ [[harlowe:​show|(show:​)]] and so on are used to print data or an interactive
 +element into the passage. These elements can be styled like hooks, by attaching [[harlowe:​changer|changers]] to the macro,
 +as if it was a hook.
 +In addition to their visual appearance, you can also change what passage transitions links use,
 +by applying [[harlowe:​t8n-depart|(t8n-depart:​)]] and [[harlowe:​t8n-arrive|(t8n-arrive:​)]]. (Note that since normal passage links are identical to the
 +[[harlowe:​link-goto|(link-goto:​)]] macro, you can also attach changers to passage links.)
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