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Sometimes, it can be useful to add information about a passage that isn't visible to readers. Tags are a way to do this – they function as labels stuck on the side of a passage, visible to you while you are writing your story, but they cannot be seen in the published version of your story.

There are some tags that have special meaning to Twine, and change how your story behaves or appears to your readers. These special tags are described below. You are also free to assign tags to your passages if they help you keep organized. A tag can be any series of letters, numbers, or punctuation without spaces. You can assign as many tags as you like to a passage, as well.

Special tag Meaning
annotation An annotation
stylesheet A CSS stylesheet
script A Javascript script
bookmark A passage that will appear in Sugarcane's Rewind menu
transition Signifies that the stylesheet contains a CSS transition
Twine.private A passage which will not be included at all in the compiled HTML file
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