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Tools and Utilities

There exist a variety of “third-party” addons and tools to assist you in creating and extending Twine stories. This is by no means an exhaustive list! More tools are being created all the time, so please add them as they appear.

Twine 1

Description: “An editor to make organising your Twine Projects easier and some smaller additional features.”
Author: brutalexcess
Platform: Windows

Twine 2

Twine 1 compiled HTML to Twine 2 archive converter
Author: TheMadExile
Description: “This application loads a Twine 1 compiled HTML file and converts the relevant data sections into a Twine 2 story archive, which can then be imported into Twine 2.”
Platform: Web

Author: SahibdeepNann
Description: “This is an unofficial port of Twine 2 to the native app format.”
Platform: win32

Twine 2 Harlowe Notepad++ Syntax Highlighter
Description: “[It] supports a bit more syntax highlighting. Not everything, and focused on the scripting side instead of the string formatting side.”
Author: Noctifier
Platform: Windows/Notepad++

Both Twine 1 and 2

SugarCube Notepad++ Syntax Highlighter
Description: “It's pretty simple, focused on distinguishing text from code to make writing easier. Also has additional formatting features for different tags like bold to allow you to more easily spot them in the text.”
Author: Claretta
Platform: Windows/Notepad++

Sublime Twee
Description: “twee source code syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 2.”
Author: Monospaced Ltd.
Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux (Requires Sublime Text)

Description: “twine-wrapper is an NW.js app builder for your exported Twine story, to turn it into a self-contained app for Windows, OS X, or Linux.”
Author: Drumanagh Wilpole
Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux (Requires Node.js)

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