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 +This displays your story with white text on a black background. Players can only see one [[passage]] at a time, though they can, if you permit, use their browsers'​ back buttons to return to a previous passage.
 +Sugarcane has a sidebar menu that may contain these entries:
 +  * **Bookmark**:​ This serves as a link directly to the current passage, and is automatically updated throughout the game. Players can save their game by copying the URL from this link. (If your [[special passages|StorySettings]] disallows the ability to undo, then this is unavailable to players, as bookmarking can obviously be used to undo moves.
 +  * **Rewind**: If a Sugarcane passage has the [[tag]] "​bookmark",​ then each visit to this passage will create an entry in the Rewind menu as a '​checkpoint'​. By using that menu, they can rewind the game to that particular state. For obvious reasons, this isn't particularly useful if your [[special passages|StorySettings]] allows the Bookmark menu to also be present.
 +This is simply a variant of Sugarcane with a different design that is more readable on mobile web browsers, especially phones. It is heavily based on the [[http://​​|Initializr template]].
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