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 +**Twine 1.4** is a major Twine release. Here is a long list of new features and changes it has compared to Twine 1.3.5.
 +Note that in addition to the changes below, all of [[twine_1.3.5_bugs|the bugs listed on this page]] are fixed as well.
 +===== Game engine =====
 +  * You can now mix HTML tags and passage syntax in your story, without needing the ''<​html>''​ syntax. (It still remains for backwards-compatibility).
 +  * You can now use variables in place of a passage name in the link syntax - ''​%%[[Exit|$placeName]]%%''​ now creates a link to the passage whose name is in the $placeName variable. You can also do ''​%%[[Back|previous()]]%%''​ to replicate the ''<<​back>>''​ macro.
 +  * Also, you can write ''​%%[[link text|passage name][$var = value]]%%''​ to make a passage or external link that changes a variable when it's followed! The code section is treated as if it were arguments to a ''<<​set>>''​ macro. This syntax addition should work with ''<<​choice>>''​ macros (but not the ''​%%[img]%%''​ syntax). You can set multiple variables by separating them with a semicolon.
 +  * As a shorthand for ''<​span style="​...">'',​ the TiddlyWiki inline style syntax is available. Type ''​@@'',​ then list CSS style attributes separated and terminated with semicolons, then put the passage text (including any other formatting and macros) ending with another ''​@@''​. Example: ''​@@font-size:​2em;​ text-decoration:​ underline; Hello there!@@''​
 +  * Ending a line with ''​\''​ will cause that line break to be removed from the rendered text. This can be useful when dealing with long chains of ''<<​if>>''​ macros.
 +  * ''<<​remember>>''​ now uses HTML5 Local Storage, which means it can now work even in an offline HTML file. Also, it can remember multiple variables given in a compound statement (like ''<<​remember $a = 1, $b = 2>>''​).
 +  * Added ''<<​forget>>'',​ which undoes the effects of ''<<​remember>>''​.
 +  * ''<<​choice>>''​ can now accept arguments phrased using the link syntax, e.g: ''<<​choice %%[[a trapdoor?​|falling]]%%>>''​. This saves the trouble of having to account for its inconsistent argument order.
 +  * ''<<​nobr>>''​ and ''<<​endnobr>>''​ remove all the line breaks in the text between them. They should be used instead of ''<<​silently>>''​ to enclose groups of macros.
 +  * The ''<<​else if>>''​ macro, which can also be written as ''<<​elseif>>'',​ allows you to essentially have multiple ''<<​if>>''​ macros chained together, without needing to nest each of them within the ''<<​else>>''​ / ''<<​endif>>''​ tag pair of the other.
 +  * You can also use variables in place of a passage name in ''<<​display>>''​. For instance, ''<<​display $name>>''​ is now valid.
 +====Shorthand macros====
 +  * You can now write a shorthand form of ''<<​print $variable>>''​ like so: ''<<​$variable>>​.''​ Note that this only works for printing just variables - not functions or anything else.
 +  * You can now write a shorthand form of ''<<​display "​Place">>''​ like so: ''<<​Place>>''​. Note that this only works for passages whose names do NOT contain spaces. Also, it can only be done with specific named passages - not variables or anything else.
 +  * You can supply additional arguments to the shorthand ''<<​display>>''​ macro - in effect, you can "​call"​ passages as if they were macros. (Note: you cannot supply arguments to the longhand ''<<​display>>''​ because they will be interpreted as part of the passage name - for instance, ''<<​display Cellar 2>>''​ will try to display "​Cellar 2" instead of "​Cellar"​ with an argument of 2.)
 +====Macro syntax/​functions====
 +  * You may now use "​to"​ in macros instead of "​=",​ and "​is"​ instead of "​eq"​. I think we can all agree it's too easy to confuse "​="​ with "​eq",​ so you can instead write ''<<​set $darts to 4>>''​ for more readable code.
 +  * Strings containing '​and',​ '​or',​ '​$'​ and other Twine operator symbols can be used inside macros without them changing into Javascript symbols.
 +  * Now you can put greater-than signs inside macro tags, such as ''<<​set $arrow to "​-->">>''​
 +  * All new variables are now 0 by default, regardless of whether you've ''<<​set>>''​ them or not.
 +  * Added ''​either()'',​ a function that randomly picks one of the things given to it.
 +  * Added ''​visited()'',​ a function that returns the number of times you've visited the given passage. ​
 +  * Added ''​previous()'',​ a function that returns the name of the previous passage visited.
 +  * If this passage is being included by a shorthand ''<<​display>>'',​ the ''​parameter()''​ function returns one of the space-separated terms in the macro invocation, parsed to a value. The function'​s argument is a zero-based index - ''​parameter()''​ or ''​parameter(0)''​ returns the first parameter, ''​parameter(1)''​ the second, and so forth.
 +====Macro coding====
 +  * ''​setTransitionCSS()''​ replaces the contents of the #​transitionCSS <​script>​ element with the passed string. This allows you to completely override the default transition CSS without it cascading down. I'm offering this as a JS function because many transitions will also require some extra JS, and being able to provide the complete transition code in just a script is desirable.
 +  * ''​prerender''​ and ''​postrender''​ are new objects whose function properties are executed every time the passage is rendered. The functions added to them take one argument: the resultant ''​.passage .content''​ element. Their '​this'​ value is the Passage object being rendered.
 +====Passage tags====
 +  * An alternative Tag CSS approach! Now, taking a stylesheet passage and adding an extra tag to it (in addition to "​stylesheet"​) will cause that stylesheet to only be applied for passages with that given tag. (This, I feel, is a bit tidier than the old Tag CSS method - the ''​%%[data-tags]%%''​ selector need not be repeated dozens of times in a stylesheet, and applying only to the '​body'​ or '​.passage'​ selectors. Although, it is slightly less flexible w/r/t tag hierarchies - the '':​not%%[data-tags]%%''​ selector can't really be replicated.)
 +  * Twine now uses CSS transitions for passages appearing and disappearing. Giving a stylesheet passage the tag "​transition"​ will cause that stylesheet to replace the default "​fade-in"​ transition CSS, letting you define your own transition without having to override the other one's properties.
 +  * The special "​nobr"​ passage tag removes line breaks from the whole passage.
 +The StorySettings passage enables a number of special story options to be set.
 +  * Undo: enables the player to "undo moves"​. In Sugarcane, this means being able to use the Back button in the browser. In Jonah, this means being able to use the "​Rewind to here" link, and being able to click links in previous passages.
 +  * Bookmark: enables the player to use the "​Bookmark"​ link in Sugarcane and Jonah. On by default.
 +  * Obfuscate: obfuscates the story'​s HTML source to prevent people from spoiling themselves by reading it. Off by default.
 +  * jQuery: set this on if you are using custom scripts that rely on the jQuery library. Otherwise, leave off. Note: Twine 1.4 relinquishes control of the "​$"​ variable, so jQuery can now use it without $.noConflict().
 +  * Modernizr: set this on if you are using custom scripts that rely on the Modernizr library. Otherwise, leave off.
 +  * All passages are now added to the bottom, regardless of where you click the link. 
 +  * Clicking a link that leads to a previously displayed passage will display a new version of the passage at the bottom, instead of scrolling up to the old version.
 +  * Clicking a link in a past passage in Jonah now rewinds the game state to that passage before following the link. This gives the author a greater level of control over the game state - it's no longer possible to re-use old links from earlier in the story that no longer make sense in the current context. (Note: Switching off the "​Undo"​ StorySetting disables all links in past passages.)
 +  * ''<<​back>>''​ is now usable in Jonah. When used in Jonah, a ''<<​back>>''​ link removes the contained passage, plus any prior passages (as given by the "​steps"​ argument or a passage name argument).
 +  * Removed the "​Share"​ menu.
 +  * The "​Rewind"​ menu is only visible if any passage has been tagged with '​bookmark'​.
 +  * Added a "​Bookmark"​ menu item, which produces a link to the current passage.
 +  * HTML5 History is now used to control the browser'​s Back and Forward buttons, and the ''<<​back>>''​ and ''<<​return>>''​ macros, in Sugarcane. This means that several bugs related to these are now fixed, and they should now work alongside random macros, player-input macros, and other such things.
 +  * ''<<​choice>>''​ is now usable in Sugarcane. It now creates a link that can only be clicked once in the whole story.
 +  * The sidebar now has position:​absolute instead of position:​fixed.
 +====CSS / HTML====
 +  * Added a ''<​noscript>''​ tag to alert the reader that Javascript is off.
 +  * Made it so that raw HTML ''<​a>''​ links in stories are styled as if they were proper externalLinks,​ in case the author unwittingly used the former in ignorance of the latter (a not uncommon occurence).
 +  * The passage content element, formerly classed "​body"​ in Jonah and "​content"​ in Sugarcane, now has a class of "body content"​ to match legacy CSS for both.
 +=====Development program=====
 +  * Special passages (Start, StoryAuthor,​ stylesheets,​ etc.) have different-coloured title bars. I've tried to stick with earthy hues in keeping with the colour scheme of the Twine icon, with redder hues used for stylesheet and script passages.
 +  * Passage tags are displayed in a peach ribbon along the bottom of the passage box.
 +  * Annotation passages are non-playable passages tagged with "​annotation"​ that hold text to display on the story map, to annotate, comment or document the source code of the game. They have a different colour and size to normal passages.
 +  * Connection lines representing ''<<​display>>''​ macros are drawn with a bluer tint.
 +  * The position of newly created passages is much less arbitrary - passages will be placed closer to the expected area.
 +  * Altered the Greeking of zoomed-out passages to reflect the actual passage text length.
 +  * Selected passages now have their link arrows thickened to visually offset them.
 +  * Passage tooltips now display a preview of the passage'​s text (up to 840 characters).
 +  * Tagged stylesheets have arrows linking them and any passages with the same tag.
 +  * Added "​Import From Compiled HTML" option, letting the author recover passages from built games.
 +  * Importing .twee source code no longer discards all the passage tags in the imported passages.
 +  * The "​Proofing Copy" export option renders a few more markup styles better.
 +  * The "Test Play" menu item builds the game to a temp file, letting you run the story without having to have saved it to a specific filename first.
 +  * You can also right-click a passage and select "Test Play From Here" to start playing from that particular passage.
 +  * The "​StoryIncludes"​ passage allows the passages inside other .tws or .twee files to be imported into this passage during building. If your game is particularly huge, you can divide it into a bunch of smaller .tws/.twee files, then add the filenames of these partial .tws/.twee files to one "​main"​ file's StoryIncludes passage. All the passages in those files will then be copied into the main story at build time.
 +  * Added "Auto Build",​ a menu option that is only available when used with a StoryIncludes passage. If this is set, then when any one of those smaller .tws/.twee files is modified, the story is automatically rebuilt and can be tested in-browser. This requires both files to be open at the same time, though.
 +====Passage editing====
 +  * Passage titles must now be unique. The passage title input will turn red to indicate non-uniqueness.
 +  * Passage titles may no longer contain the | and ] symbols, due to such names being difficult to link.
 +  * Vastly improved the passage syntax highlighter.
 +  * Added very basic stylesheet CSS syntax highlighting.
 +====Images and fonts====
 +  * You can now add image files to the story file. These are stored as 'image passages'​ which can be included in passages using the image syntax: ''​%%[img[imageName]]%%''​ displays the image. Images are also embedded in the final HTML file, and don't need to be hosted elsewhere. Supported image file extensions are GIF, PNG, JPEG, SVG and WebP.
 +  * You can now embed font files, which can then be used in stylesheets,​ or, if you don't know CSS, the <​font>​ element. Fonts are simply imported as stylesheet passages containing the font file in base64 encoding. Supported font file extensions are TTF, WOFF, OTF and SVG.
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