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 +===== Collaborate With Someone Else =====
 +Twine 2 doesn'​t have the ability to share your story directly with someone else right now. For now, you'll need to export your story to a file using either the **Publish to File** option in the story menu (to export a single story), or the **Archive** button on the story list (for a set of stories). You can then give your collaborators this file to import in turn.
 +Keep in mind that when a file is imported, Twine 2 doesn'​t check to see if there'​s already a story with that same name, so you may see multiple versions of the same story in your list. The process of fixing this is being tracked [[https://​​klembot/​twinejs/​issue/​19/​when-importing-from-file-offer-to-replace|here]],​ but in the meantime, check the edit date of your stories in the list to determine which is which.
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