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 +===== Editing Passages =====
 +To edit a passage, choose the edit icon from its popup menu in the story map, or double-click it (on desktop computers). In the editing dialog that appears, you can change a passage'​s name, tags, and text. Your changes are automatically saved when you close the editor dialog. You can do that with the close button in its upper-right corner, or by pressing Escape.
 +==== Changing a passage'​s name ====
 +A passage must not have the same name as any other one in your story; if you accidentally give a passage a duplicate name, Twine will prevent you from saving changes. Changing the name of a passage will break any links to it from other passages.
 +==== Changing a passage'​s tags ====
 +Tags do not have any specific use in Twine, but may have special meaning to the story format you are using. To add a tag to your passage, use the **+ Tag** link beneath your passage'​s name. Entering a tag name and then using the checkmark icon or pressing Return will add it. (Use the X icon instead to cancel adding the tag.) As a matter of convention, Twine tags are not allowed to have spaces in them. Twine will automatically convert any spaces in your tags to dashes.
 +==== Changing a passage'​s text ====
 +Use the text area below the tag list to enter your passage'​s body text. How to enter formatting such as bold or italics depends on what story format you are using, but both Harlowe and Snowman use [[http://​​projects/​markdown/​|Markdown]] for basic formatting. They also both allow these formats for links:
 +  * <​nowiki>​[[Passage name]]</​nowiki>​
 +  * <​nowiki>​[[Displayed text|passage name]]</​nowiki>​
 +  * <​nowiki>​[[Displayed text->​passage name]]</​nowiki>​
 +  * <​nowiki>​[[Passage name<​-Displayed text]]</​nowiki>​
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