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Getting Started with Twine 2

You can start working with Twine 2 in three main ways. Although you can use more than one way at a time, the stories you create will not be shared between them. You can still export and import your stories between them, of course – it is just a manual process.

Direct from

Point your web browser to to get started. If you're using a tablet, then this is the only way it'll work.

Download Twine 2 to your own computer

This has the advantage of being able to work on your stories even when not connected to the Internet. You can download a local copy of Twine 2 from the homepage. Once you unzip the archive you download, you can put the resulting folder anywhere you'd like on your computer. To get started, open index.html inside the folder.

Download an app version of Twine 2 (unofficial)

drumanagh has made app versions of Twine 2 for Linux, OS X, and Windows available here. These are unofficially maintained versions of Twine 2 for now, so they may lag behind the current version.

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