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The Story Map

The story map is where you'll spend the most time with Twine. It's the place where you write your story and link its passages together. To start with your story's map, choose the title of your story in the story list or use the pencil icon underneath its name. To return to the story list, use the home icon on the left side of the story map toolbar.

Your story map will grow in size as you add passages, so that there will always be space below and to the right of your passages for new ones to be added.

Getting Around the Story Map

On a desktop computer, hold the space bar and move the mouse to scroll around your story map. On a touch-based device, you can scroll around the map by swiping with your finger. You can change the zoom level of the map with the icons to the right of the Quick Find field. The largest zoom setting shows passage names and an excerpt of their contents, the medium setting shows shortened passage names, and the smallest setting only shows your story's structure, without any passage names or excerpts.

Adding, Moving, and Deleting Passages

Use the green + Passage button in the lower-right to create a new passage at the center of your view.

You can select a passage by clicking or tapping it, and then drag it with your mouse or finger. If you're using a mouse, you can select multiple passages by holding the Shift or Control key while clicking more passages, or by dragging a marquee from an empty space in your story map. (To add passages to the selection instead of replacing them with the marquee, hold Shift or Control before starting a marquee selection.)

If you'd like your passages to snap to a grid as you drag them around, use the Snap to Grid option in the story menu in the toolbar.

Pointing at a passage with a mouse, or tapping it once with your finger, will show a popup menu with these options:

From left to right, these:

  1. Delete the passage.
  2. Edit it.
  3. Test your story starting at this passage.
  4. Set the passage as your story's starting point.

To delete a passage, you can use the delete icon in its popup menu or press the Delete key. Multiple passages can be deleted at once by selecting them and then pressing the Delete key; you'll be prompted to make sure you want to do this, just in case. After being deleted, a passage can't be brought back.

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