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-====== Twine 1 ====== 
-Twine 1 is the first version of Twine, made in 2007 by Chris Klimas. It is a desktop application for Windows and Macintosh, made with wxPython. Its file format is .tws, which is a simple Python pickle file. 
-===== Twine 1.3.5 (2009) ===== 
-Twine 1.3.5 is the last version of Twine 1 authored primarily by Klimas. It remains the only '​stable'​ release of Twine, [[Twine 1.3.5 bugs|despite possessing a considerable number of bugs]]. Fortunately,​ most of these are in the game engine, and can be easily patched out on a story-by-story basis. 
-This is also the only extant OS X version of Twine 1. 
-===== Twine 1.3.6 alpha (2012) ===== 
-[[https://​​d/​msg/​tweecode/​8hYb9W9NsIo/​mgrUku0M1IAJ|This version]], released in mid-2012, features a number of improvements by Phillip Sutton, Henry Soule and Emmanuel Turner, including: 
- * Support for custom story formats (the Formats menu automatically updates to match the contents of the '​targets'​ folder). ​ 
- * The <<​return>>​ macro, a variant of <<​back>>​. (This implementation broke IE 8 support, because "​macros.return"​ is a syntax error in ECMAScript 3.)  
- * The <<​textinput>>​ and <<​update>>​ macros (whose inclusion was a mistake, as they were originally for testing purposes only). ​ 
- * The ability to give a passage the tag "​Twine.private"​ to prevent it from being included in the final HTML file (intended for development notes and other unused passages). ​ 
- * The "​StoryIncludes"​ passage, which can contain a list of filenames of .twee source files to import into the story when it is built (intended for easily importing sets of macros and other passages into a story). ​ 
- * Preliminary Unicode support (Unicode allowed in passage titles). ​ 
- * The ability to link to a passage by including its name in the URL after a '​hashbang'​ (for instance, if story.html had a passage called '​graves',​ you can link to it using "​story.html#​!graves"​). 
-===== E. Turner'​s alpha (2013) ===== 
-[[https://​​forum/#​!msg/​tweecode/​8hYb9W9NsIo/​l0jC5WLlyFQJ|This version]], released in January 2013, features further work by Emmanuel Turner, along with contributions by Misty De Meo, Henry Soule and Leon Arnott. Changes include: ​ 
- * The <<​print>>​ macro now correctly prints a variable containing 0.  
- * The <<​remember>>​ macro now uses HTML5 Local Storage, providing greater stability and permitting the macro to function even when it's not on a web server. ​ 
- * The 'Auto Build' feature, which automatically re-builds the HTML file in the background whenever one of the StoryIncludes files is altered. ​ 
- * The '​StorySettings'​ passage, intended for misc. settings concerning how the story is built. Including the line "​Obfuscate:​SWAP"​ causes passage text in the generated HTML to be obfuscated using a basic char-swap algorithm (normally, story text is stored in the HTML as raw Twine code, which means people can obtain spoilers by reading it). The Obfuscation is controlled using a key specified by a line beginning with "​ObfuscateKey:"​. For instance, "​ObfuscateKey:​anbocpdqerfsgthuivjwkxlymzANBOCPDQERFSGTHUIVJWKXLYMZ"​ performs ROT13. ​ 
- * Extensions to <<​back>>​ and <<​return>>,​ including <<​back 2 >> ​ 
- * The ability to use custom macros in the Start passage, and for custom scripts to be loaded before the Start passage is rendered. ​ 
- * The "​Responsive"​ story format, a modified version of Sugarcane styled after Initializr, with jQuery and Modernizr pre-installed. ​ 
- * Passages can now have CSS applied to them using the "​data-tags"​ CSS selector (Note: in this version, only the .passage elements can be styled using this selector). 
-===== Twine 1.4 ===== 
-This unreleased version (and possibly the last significant revision of Twine 1) is currently being worked on, with contributions by Leon Arnott, Soule, Turner, De Meo, and possibly others. ​ 
-This continues the work of the previous alphas, and features a number of bugfixes, engine tweaks and GUI enhancements. 
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