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How to acquire a .twee file from a Twine 2.0 story.

I don't see any way to get a .twee file from the stories in my browser. Is that still possible to do in Twine 2.0?


  • The Twine 2 application has no built-in way to do what you want but @gnustoboz created a story format that outputs Twee notation.
    Information about and a link to the story format can be found in this comment.
  • edited October 2015
    You can get something very-close to it by using my Twee2 tool. Once installed (except on Windows), you should be able to go:
    twee2 decompile output.twee
    The output format isn't exactly Twee, but should probably be close-enough that you can compile it with Twee (and certainly enough that you can examine it). And of course you can recompile any changes you make using Twee2 even if Twee isn't up to the challenge.
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