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I'm new to this site, and was wondering if this site is worth the while.

Hello my name is Zionz, an I was wondering if this site was worth while if one planned to make a IF and THEN based storylined RPG. one that is to be interactive. Like lets say there is 4 choices and then from each choice there is a outcome that woud be based on something. I'll make an example below.

You awake in a small village that's buring there is a Staff, a Rusty Dagger, and a Leather Shield infront of you what one do you pick?

Staff = Mage / Monk Class
Rusty Dagger = Rougue / Ninja Class
Shield = Knight / Guardian Class

There when it came to combat in the story the outcome would be based on something like the player rolling 3 dice an example of this would be.

You are attacked by a TwinHeaded Giant Rat. What will you do.

Runaway = You manage to excape but only barely.
Stand and fight = Roll your dice to see what happens.

Total dice Roll.
3 = You tried to defend from the rat but it used it's other head to attack you the word has gone black. ~Game Over~
4-14 = You manage to damage the TwinHeaded Giant Rat it ran away but it might be back.
15-20 = You managed to Injure the TwinHeaded Giant Rat greatly it most likey will bleed to death.
21-24 = You easily killed the TwinHeaded Giant Rat, you gain. 25exp, 1x Rat's Fur, and 1x Rat's Tail

The outcomes would be different for different foes.

This would be a cross over a pin and paper based game, where one keeps track of items, and so furth.

Do you all think this is a game stye i could make using this program?


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