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Harlowe and Leon's audio macro

Hey all, quick question. I'm not particularly great at JS so before I start actually poking at things, is it possible to modify Leon's sound macro for Tine 1 to work in Harlowe? With Harlowe style syntax or the original syntax? (I noticed all the threads about playing audio in Harlowe suggest using <audio>, which makes me suspicious it won't work.)

If it is possible or at least worth attempting, would I need to put it in Story Javascript or in a passage with (newly available?!) <script> tags?


  • Your not the first person to ask about this. And the answer has not changed since then. lol
  • Dammit I spent fifteen minutes looking for an answer to this because I was sure it was somewhere and found nothing. *bangs head against desk* Thanks greyelf.

    (The search function on this site is really terrible.)
  • edited October 2015
    (The search function on this site is really terrible.)
    I have to agree, I can't find things when I know they exist because I wrote the comment. lol
    I personally wish we still had the old style forums but you have to support those smartphones you know. ca sera sera
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