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What is the syntax for in passage hyperlinks in sugarcane?

looking to add hyperlinks inside my passages but can not find any examples for sugarcane.
any examples that show how to add/change text and/or variables would be great.
also if im being a bonehead noob and there is a better way let me know please... BK


  • Have you read the items listed below then Twine Index section header on the Twine wiki, they cover basics Twine 1 story format concepts like markup links, variables and such.
  • edited October 2015
    Yea I frequently visit those pages as reference as I am still new to twine, but I can not find an example of hyperlinking that does not lead to a new passage.
    What i am looking for is a link in the "body content" that adds to or modifies the text and/or variable within the link and stays on the same passage.
  • Those sort of macros don't actually exist in Sugarcane, but they can be added to it by using scripts like Leon's Combined <<Replace>> Macro Set. That site has a number of other scripts for adding features to Sugarcane.

    Another possible option is to switch to the SugarCube story format which does have those features built-in.
  • @greyelf ok i see that now, i found a game with what i was looking to do and see it was a click macro. question is i dont know what the right way is to add Leon's macro set. i tried dropping the code in a [script] tagged passage but the macros still didnt work. sugarcube would solve many of my issues, but does it still allow import images like in sugarcane if i stick with 1.4.2 twine?
  • ... but does it still allow import images like in sugarcane if i stick with 1.4.2 twine?
    Yes, SugarCube does support embedded images and switching to it would automatically give you access to more macros.

    You can run into out of memory issues during the Story Build process if your story TWS file contains too many MB's of Imported/Embedded images, the exact limit is vague but from recollection it generally happens when the TWS file size gets somewhere between 50-100MB.
    If you plan to use a large number of MB's of images it your story then it is a good idea to not Import them and to instead store the images externally.
  • @greyelf thank you greyelf, swapping over to sugarcube is going to solve many of my issues with sugarcane not having much help docs or use i was getting frustrated. now i can get my story put together like i want(provided i can figure out how i do some of the stuff lol).
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