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Text Animation Issues

edited June 2016 in Help! with 1.x
Hello everyone! I should mention first that I am quite new to twine and that
I understand 'most' of the basics of sugarcube and sugarcane. (Though as a note I am horrible at Javascript)

At the moment I am working with Twine 1.4 - sugarcane.

I'm trying to work around
L's 'Corrupted' text animation

So let me expand. I've properly gotten all of these animations to work but L's decrypt and corrupted animations will automatically run, thus I cannot turn them off and on manually(unless deleting the script entirely)
The typewriter text animation is great because it can be called with a tag when you want to use it but these two you can't do that with.

For 2 days now I have been trying to go by an old forum

To which they had specified that they set a variable to control these aspects.

Here's where I am stuck. Where do I set these variables to be able to call them in a passage? Do I have to use the <<script>> macro and then add variables that way? I'm very confused and was wondering if someone could be so kind to direct me in the right direction because L's scripts are amazing and I really am hoping to use them all together (So I can call them whenever).

I am so sorry if it is extremely obvious but thank you for anyone who takes their time to help.
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