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I just realized something...

edited July 2016 in Chit-Chat
Looking at the types of conversation going on, I'm starting to think this website is more of a "coded-games" theme rather than a "roleplaying NPC-interaction" theme. That's a little disappointing, or may I still continue the previous discussion I started?


  • I haven't seen your previous discussion, but you can ask whatever you want. If you need help with a twine game then this is where you can get the answer.
  • edited August 2016
    Oh, wait, I just saw your previous discussion. Yes, this is a "coded-games" theme. But just put the discussion in the chit-chat box and you can do whatever you want. If you do want to get coding however, you can download Twine at this address:

    It's a kind of coding thing which would allow you to do the kind of thing you did in your previous discussion if you learnt how to do so.

    P.S.: I left a comment on what you should say to the girl on the other discussion.
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