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Rewind / Bookmarks - only showing the first bookmark, even after passing multipl


When I build and test my story, and progress passed multiple bookmarks, I still only see the very first bookmark in my adventure. Is this happening to anyone else? Anyone know of a solution?

I'm testing in Chrome, and have noticed this happening for the last few months that I have tested it.

Twine v 1.4.2

Thanks all -


  • Which Story Format are you using?

    I checked each of the built-in story formats and they worked the same way:
    1. I clicked on the bookmark link and my location bar changes to a URL that represents the current passage I was viewing.
    2. I copied the URL
    3. I opened a new tab / browser window, pasted the URL into its location bar and I was shown the bookmarked passage.
  • Hi-

    Here is my site so you can see a real example:

    There are a lot of bookmarks sprinkled throughout the adventure, however only the first one (the one you have to pass no matter what, before the story branches off) is the only one showing up.

    I am using Twine 1.4.2 (running on Darwin 13.4.0)
  • Any additional insight on this?
  • The bookmark tag is used to mark passages you want to be able to return to using the rewind link in the side bar, to rewind to a marked passage you must of viewed it first.

    Take the following example:
    (note: using Twee notation, lines that start with a double colon :: indicate a new passage with the relevant title, [bookmark] indicates the passage has the bookmark tag)

    :: Start
    The Start passage
    [[Passage 1]]

    :: Passage 1 [bookmark]
    Passage 1 description
    [[Passage 2]]

    :: Passage 2 [bookmark]
    Passage 2 description
    [[Passage 3]]

    :: Passage 3
    Passage 3 description
    Depending on which passage you are viewing when you click on the rewind link different options are shown:

    1. Viewing Start passage - you see a "No passages available" message.

    2. Viewing Passage 1 - the list contains "Passage 1...", selecting this will take you to the current passage.

    3. Viewing Passage 2 - the list contains "Passage 1..." & "Passage 2...", selecting the first option will take you back to Passage 1 undoing any history recorded between that passage and the one you are currently viewing, selecting the second option will take you to Passage 2 (the current passage).

    4. Viewing Passage 2 - the list contains "Passage 1..." & "Passage 2...". works the same as point 3.

    Without knowing the paths through your story on which you have added bookmark tags it is hard to test it as it has over 1.1K passages and 2.2k links.
  • I'll take a deeper look and post an exact example with steps.
  • It worked fine for me.  This partial path had multiple bookmarks:
    Perhaps you're simply not choosing a path containing multiple bookmark tags?  The only passages with bookmark tags are: (30 total)

    Arrive by Boat
    Arrive by Raft
    Ask the group what the plan is
    Assess the situation
    Block the window with furniture
    Climb down the fire escape
    Climb up the fire escape
    Continue to the Bay Bridge
    Day BB hammer
    Enter the administrative wing
    Go back upstairs to look for your lost supplies
    Go down the other path
    Go to the fire escape
    Leave the car and walk downtown
    Leave the home
    Move in for a closer look
    Move on
    Push forward into the area in front of the Palace
    Search the cars on the street
    Sleep until the next day
    TL day Will 1
    Take a closer look at the dead man
    Tell William you plan to head north, and follow the arrows he has drawn out
    Tell William you plan to head south, through the bus blockade
    Turn on the flashlight and head up
    drive 13
    drive 16
    eat drink then rig blanket reflector no gun
    path with crowbar
  • Iundrstnd it
  • Please help icant fix my URL
  • 0720764595 wrote: »
    Please help i cant fix my URL
    You need to supply more information, like a description of what you think is wrong with your URL that you need to 'fix' it, and maybe an example of your URL.
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