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I really like the idea that some random variable is changed every time you play. Like someone's name or a random number for the story, but I can't find an either macro for sugarcube and I'm wonder if it even exists. I know in harlowe you can do

(set: $var to (either: "a", "b", "c"))

And depending on your play through the variable could be any one of the three randomly.

Is there such a thing in sugarcube and if so, how do I use it? Or is there some other way to get these same results?

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SugarCube has an either function, rather than a macro. 

<<set $var to either("a", "b", "c")>>

Macros in SugarCube can't be nested inside each other, but you can use functions to achieve similar results. 

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edit: beat me to it, so setting this as a comment instead ;)

You can do the same thing in Sugarcube, yep!

<<set $choice to either('x' or 'y')>>

Have you looked at Sugarcube's big list of macros by the way? I have it favorited for constant consultation because I'm always forgetting the exact punctuation of things.


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ha! I knew I should have looked harder! thanks for helping.
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either() can be found in the Functions documentation.