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asked Apr 8 by Jack (120 points)
Hello! I have a question. How I can do a conservation after closing a my story? For example, I reached to middle of my quest and closed story. On next day I can start at the same time. To progress don't reset in story.

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answered Apr 9 by idling (9,980 points)
You'll have to implement an autosave feature. To tell you how to do that, you'll have to provide the full versionnumber of both twine and the storyformat you are using.
commented Apr 9 by Jack (120 points)
I will be very grateful for your help

Version - 2.2.1

Storyformat - Harlowe 2.1.0
commented Apr 9 by idling (9,980 points)

Give your starting passage the tag "start", then put this somewhere on it:

(if: (saved-games:) contains "auto")[(link: "Continue")[(load-game: "auto")]]

Then create a passage, give it the tag "footer" and put this into it:

(if: not ((passage:)'s tags contains "start"))[(save-game: "auto")]

Now there will be a link on your starting passage that will allow your players to continue their last game, as long as their browser allowed a save to be created.

commented Apr 9 by Jack (120 points)
Oh my god, I love you, man! Yesterday I spent 5 hours in search information on this topic, and today 3 hours. Thank you very much!
commented Apr 9 by greyelf (76,630 points)

WARNING: The more passages the Reader visits the large the Story History and each Auto-Save can become, which in turn means it can take slightly longer each time to do the save. This can eventually lead to a noticeable delay each time the Reader changes passages.