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I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Running on Android 7. Whenever I edit a passage the cursor Inside the text box Jumps backwards After every Word I Type  and deletes the Space I just pressed.  I also does this with full stops or any other key I just pressed.  So I have to type  every last symbol Two times. I experience this in the native Samsung Browser and any other Browser  eg Chrome. I dont experience this behaviour of the Keyboard in any other app,  only Twine.  Whats going on here?

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Please create an new Issue on the Twine project's repository about your problem, this allows better communication between you and the developers if any follow up information is required. It also allows you to track when / if a solution is found / implemented.

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I switched off the autocorrect function - now everything is fine. I guess the app is somehow confused by a virtual keyboard's autocorrect.
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