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Hi all,

I'm using Twine for the first time for a class. I've managed to make background images change based on the passage/choice/location, but now I would like to add SVG characters to the sides of the story text. My idea is to make these SVG characters clickable/animated.

Is this something that might be possible within the Twine editor? Or will I have to dig into the HTML manually? I can get images to appear within individual passages, but I am having a hard time changing their position. 

This is an example of what it currently looks like. I would like to add SVG elements to the sides/footer outside of the box/passage:



Thank you!

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Looking through all the possibilities and combinations, there's very little in any of the Twine story formats or editors/compilers which will help you. TweeGo allows for easy integration of third-party JS code and embedding of SVG images by dropping the JS and SVG files into one of the folders you use for compiling the final result, but that's the extent of it.

You will have to go pure HTML/JS.