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I try to make an inventory where I can delete Items on click, which would look ingame like this:



and when I click on an item, it disappears. (Actually that's a trash section where I can throw Items away)

The code I've written for that looks like this:


	<<for _i = 0; _i < $inv.length; _i++>>
		<<link $inv[_i].name "inventory:trash">><<set $inv.deleteAt(_i, 1)>><</link>>

But when I click on something, the second items disapperas. How can I do it that the clicked item disappears?

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The two core issues are that you're using <Array>.deleteAt() method incorrectly, all parameters are indices to remove, and you're not capturing the value of your loop variable (via the <<capture>> macro) even though you're using it within an asynchronous macro (i.e. <<link>>), which will not yield the value you expect when the player activates it (except accidentally).

Based on your example, it should look something like the following:

	<<for _i = 0; _i < $inv.length; _i++>>
		<<capture _i>>
			<<link `$inv[_i].name` "inventory:trash">>
				<<run $inv.deleteAt(_i)>>


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