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Hello! I'm using Twine 2, SugarCube 2.18.0 and I've been trying to implement a "Continue" button so that once you select "continue", it can potentially reveal more paragraphs on the same passage. 

I looked up a similar method on my own and found this.. However I'm looking for a single choice. And as I was editing that to make it work as I wanted it to, it came up with errors. Anyone got any clues as to how I can fix this? Thanks!!

You have to do something. Either \
<span id="fight">\
	<<click "fight">>\
		<<replace "#fight">>fight <</replace>>\
		<<replace "#run">>run.<</replace>>\
		<<replace "#output">>
        You have chosen to fight. He begins to remove his jacket.<</replace>>\ 
	<</click>> \
the strange man or \
<span id="run">\
		<<click "run">>\
		<<replace "#fight">>fight <</replace>>\
		<<replace "#run">>run.<</replace>>\
		<<replace "#output">>
        You have chosen to run. He takes out his radio.<</replace>>\ 
	<</click>> \

<span id="output"></span>\

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If you install the 'replacelink' add-on pack for Sugarcube (found at the bottom of this page), you can also use the aptly named 'continuelink' macro.

Here are visible paragraphs.

<<continuelink "Click me to keep reading.">>

Here are previously hidden paragraphs, magically revealed.


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Thank you guys so much! It worked!
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Simplest solution is <<linkreplace>>. 

Blah blah blah. 

<<linkreplace 'continue'>>more stuff.

<<linkreplace 'continue'>>even more stuff.

[[next passage]]<</linkreplace>><</linkreplace>>