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Hello. The question is.

There is nobr option in Config object and I need it.

I tried copy local URL in format menu, but it doesn't work.

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The hosted web-browser based release of Twine 2 expects each of the installed story format's to also host their format.js files on a web-server.

As far as I know SugarCube has no official hosting site (besides Twine 2's) for it's compiled format.js files, and I am unsure what the developer's opinion would be of a non-official site hosting those format.js files publicly.

You could possible run a private web-server on your local machine and then host a private copy of the relevant format.js file on it, this would allow you to use a valid remote(ish) URL to add your private copy of the story format into the publicly hosted release of Twine 2.
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