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I have this so far:

(link: "Refresh Money and Counters")[{
	(set: $money to it - 1200)
	(replace: ?money)[$money]

Which one do you choose?

[[On-road ->Car On-Road (Instant Death)]]

{(set: $eventrandom to (random: 1, 100))

(if: $eventrandom < 50)[[[Off-Road ->Pass Event]]]

(else:)[[[Off-Road -> Fail Event]]]

(set: $eventtotal to it + 1)}

(if: $name is "InvertedMonkeyDev")[Debugging:

[[Auto Win]]]

I want to make it so that the player cannot click the passage options until "Refresh Money and Counters" is clicked. I was debating whether to put the line of "code" that removes the money outside to make sure there is no cheating. Please help, as I still don't know what to do.

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Why not just move everything there into the (link:) hook? Or just reset the money and counters without forcing the user to click anything.
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._. I kind of feel stupid for not thinking of that. Thank you!
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