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In SugarCube 2, I want to format a Dungeons & Dragons-style attribute block so that the parenthetical texts announcing the modifiers are flush with each other regardless of whether their respective attributes are 1 or 2 digits. My game is in Courier, so every character is the same size, which means that doing so should be as simple as inserting a single extra space before the parenthetical text corresponding to any attribute that is only 1 digit. My immediate thought was to have an <<if>> macro insert that space whenever the corresponding attribute is lower than 10:

STR <<print $STR>><<if $STR lt 10>> <</if>> (Modifier <<if $STRModifier >= 0>>+<</if>><<print $STRModifier>>)
CON <<print $CON>><<if $CON lt 10>> <</if>> (Modifier <<if $CONModifier >= 0>>+<</if>><<print $CONModifier>>)

--and as you can see, I'd had success doing a similar thing to insert a + sign before non-negative modifiers. Unfortunately, in this case, the extra space seems to just disappear from the outputs. I know that the <<if>> macro itself is working as intended, and I've tried all sorts of variations, but in every case, it seems like SugarCube is trimming the extra whitespace against my wishes. I know that the documentation says that this does not happen. What am I doing wrong?

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SugarCube isn't doing anything. Browsers will automatically collapse multiple instances of spaces in a row into one space. You can preserve your spacing by: 

  • Using the html non-breaking space entity (&#160; or &nbsp;). 
  • Preformatting your text with the <pre> element, or wrapping the text in any element with the "white-space: pre;" CSS style rule. 

When the documentation refers to white space, it's generally taking about line breaks, which are not collapsed. 

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This did the trick. Thank you!