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Hello. I have a very big problem. In twine background image add only with link with photo. And when I start the my project without internet backround don't load. How I can do this without internet connection? But don't open image in web browser from computer!

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You should tag your question with the twine version and the type and version of the twine story format you're using, since the answers will depend on them.

For an example, when using TweeGo and SugarCube 2 (any reasonably recent version), you can just put the background image file - let's name it "background.jpg" - into one of the directories you use to compile your story, then reference it in the CSS like this to put it as the story section's background image.

#story {
    background-image: [img[background]];

The "background" part here comes from the file name. If your file was named "paper.jpg", you'd use "background-image: [img[paper]];", and so on.

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I'm sorry, forgot write. Version - 2.2.1, storyformat - Harlowe 2.1.0.
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Not what I meant. You can add tags to your questions, so people with a particular interest in specific story formats - and those tend to be the most knowledgable - can find them easier.

Look at the other questions, they are those orange boxes below the text itself.
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Already done smiley. But what I can do with my problem? Please, help me.

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Sorry, somebody who knows how Harlowe does those things will need to help you further.
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To see your images while off-line you will need to store a copy of those images in a location relative to to the folder you are storing the story HTML file you generated using the Publish to File option. The Not able to set background image question has an answer (for SugarCube) which describes this method and includes one possible folder/file structure you could use.

NOTE: For Harlowe you will need to replace the CSS example given in that answer with something the following, which needs to be placed within your project's Story Stylesheet area.

tw-story {
	background-image: url("images/image.png");
	background-repeat: no-repeat;
	background-position: center;

... obviously you will need to replace the "image.png" image file name in the above example with the actual file name of your background image. Now when you use the Publish to File option and save your story HTML file within the example's C:\mystory folder you should see your background image.

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Hey! If you want to change the background Images, you can set the system path where you store the images like if you save image D Drive and into the Image folder (D:\Image\ImgName.jpg). If any problem regarding Adobe Software as well as adobe photoshop error 16 here gets the solution regarding Adobe Software.

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