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Ok, so in my game I am creating, I want to have Character Bios, as well as an Endings list that are both unlocked as you either click certain links or reach certain passages. I was trying to use the <<remember>> macro for Sugar Cube 2, but it's not working.

What I do currently in my StoryInit panel:

<<set $richard to "????">>

Now, when I reach a passage where I link to the character bio, I have this on the bio page:

<<remember $richard = "[[Dr. Richard Forth|Dr. Richard Forth]]">>

This turns the ???? to Dr. Richard Forth, and everything works great...until I restart the game. Then it defaults back to ????.

Now, when I remove the first <<set>> from the StoryInit, it shows up as the variable ($richard) in the Character Bios panel (ugly :P) but then when I hit the one passage with the <<remember>>, it remembers it forever.

Basically, I want to have a variable be one thing, then forever change into another (persist through playthroughs), once unlocked. Is this possible?

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Try this:

<<if ndef $richard>>
    <<set $richard to "????">>


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YES! This works wonderfully. Thank you!!
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The typical way to write "set a variable to a new value unless it's already a (truth-y) value" in JavaScript - and by extension, Sugarcube - is a bit shorter:

<<set $richard = $richard || "????">>

Not that there's anything wrong with the initial answer, of course.

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