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When I publish a story from Twine to html, it opens and functions as expected in Firefox. But opened in Safari, it is just a completely black screen.

Any guidance on this would be great.


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What Twine version? What story format and version?
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Which version of Safari, and which operating system (name & version) are you running it on?
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Twine 2.2.1

Harlowe 2.1.0

Safari 11.0.3

OSX 10.13.3

-- Daniel
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I'm not an OSX (or Safari) user but I know that the web-browser has a Web Developer Console, this site lists how to access it for Safari (and other web-browsers)

Can you look at your console while trying to run your Story HTML file and report any error messages you find in it.

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SecurityError (DOM Exception 18): The operation is insecure.

Not allowed to load local resource: file:///favicon.ico
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With the error information, I found the following solution:

Issue is fixed by going to Develop menu and selecting "Disable Local File Restrictions" (a solution I found here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46374291/safari-11-gets-securityerror-dom-exception-18-when-accessing-localstorage).

Apparently, by default, Safari does not allow access to local files.

Thank you for helping with this. Looking to the errors was the key.

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