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I'm using Twine 2.1.3 on Mac OSX.

I completed the first version of my game, and successfully "Publish to File"d it.

I then created a duplicate with a different name, changed some code, and attempted to do the same.  However, when I click "Publish to File" no dialogue box appears.

Also, "View Proofing Copy" produces a white screen.

Both functions work fine in the original version of the game.

I tried restarting my computer, but that hasn't affected the issue.

Can anyone help?

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When you create a duplicate, it loses the starting passage for some reason. You have to set the starting passage again in your new copy.
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That fixed it, thank you!

Strangely, clicking the rocket ship icon had no effect in my duplicate.  I had to click it, go back to Twine's home page, then re-open the duplicate.  But once I did that it worked – thanks again!  I'd have had no idea where to look if you hadn't helped me.
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I then created a duplicate with a different name

Exactly how did you do this, it could make a difference. 

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From Twine's home page, I clicked the gear icon beneath my original story and chose "Duplicate Story".