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Like the title say. I click on the rocketship icon on another square and the rocket doesn't change from the square that it's in. It used to in the past but no longer.  

I'm using two different computers, one uses internet explorer; the other uses the twine windows version (win 10). In none of them can I change the starting location... I import/export between the both of them. What could be the problem?

I would like to add that I notice that the starting point actually changes, it's only the icon itself that doesn't move.

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This sometimes happens for me, and closing the story and re-opening it fixes it.
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As long as the starting point changes, that's all that matters.
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Just as another sort of "turn it off and then on again" thing, sometimes when you import, it doesn't save the format information correctly, so you could try switching from the intended format to a different one and then back again to see if that clears up this issue.