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Well, I tried a code that supposedly allowed me to return from a menu to the latest passage that the player visited while reading the story of the game itself (javascript):

predisplay["Volver al juego"] = function (taskName) {
	if (! tags().contains("menu")) {
		State.variables.return = passage();

Then, what I did was this:


<<click "Volver al juego" $return>><</click>>


And it created a new passage called "$return", so I deleted it but it still was not working. I'm sure that I probably committed some stupid error while trying to implement this code, so I would really appreciate your help :D

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There are three parts you need to make this work.


1.  Your JavaScript, which goes in the Story JavaScript, should look something like:

predisplay['set-return'] = function (taskName) {
	if (!tags().includes('menu')) {
		State.variables.return = State.passage;

What you had should have still worked, but it was long out of date.


2.  Your link should look like:

<<link "Volver al juego" $return>><</link>>

While <<click>> would have worked, it's been deprecated for a while now.  That should not have created a new passage, however, as that form of the macro is not recognized by Twine 2's automatic link parser—which is the reason it's suggested, so Twine 2 doesn't keep creating passages named $return.


3.  You must tag each of your menu passages with menu, since that's what the predisplay task triggers on.  You didn't mention this step, so I'm guessing you skipped it.


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Thank you, I'm stupid, I left a single line of code that was preventing me from making it work. I'm really stupid...
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