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For example, that you see certain dialog options if you only have 5 points of friends with a friend. And for every option you take you lose or add points to the friendship? The points you earn would not be visible to the reader. But just work in the background.

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Yes, this is possible, but complicated to keep track of.

(link: "You say a mild hello.")[(set: $friendship to it + 1)(goto: "Acquaintances")]
(link: "You spit in their face.")[(set: $friendship to it - 9)(goto: "Sworn Enemies")]


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Oh, and it works the other way around, too.


"Can I come to the party with you?" you ask.

(if: $friendship >= 50)["Sure, we'd love to have you."]
(else-if: $friendship < 50)["Sorry, I'd rather drink acid."]


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It's really quite simple. I'm guessing you're using Harlowe, so if you're new to twine, watch some youtube videos and check out this website:

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For future reference: please use the question tag system to indicate the name and full version number of both the Twine application and Story Format you are using, as answers can differ based on that information.

eg: twine2  twine2-1-3  harlowe2  harlowe2-0-1
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