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Hello, All. I am a special education teacher working in Chicago Public Schools. I would like to create a questionnaire for the teachers working with my special education students related to their (the students) behavior in each class. Basically, I would like to have a series of criteria (e.g., works well in groups, takes notes, completes classwork) for which a teacher can either check to a box indicating that a student is "performing well" or "needs work". Depending on which box is checked for each criteria, a sentence would be automatically added to a paragraph below the criteria. I would also like to add a criteria for student gender and a space to type the student's name. Finally, I would like to have a space for teachers to insert any comments they might have about each criteria. This will save (both the content area and special education) teachers time that they might otherwise waste doing tedious, route work. By automating this process, we would have a little more time to actually teach. If anyone wants to do a good turn, please create a basic mock-up that I could use to build off of. I know I'm asking a lot (i.e., "hey, do this thing for me"), but its all for my kids; I wouldn't ask otherwise. I have so little time (I'm working like 70 hours a week). Please help! Thanks.

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You may honestly be better off making a Google form, unless there's some reason you need to use Twine. What you're asking can be done in Twine, but a Google form will make this simpler in every way, and make collecting and comparing results easy.