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I´m trying to make a game that has a limited time to play, or else goes to game over.

I could not find a way to make a timer work across every page of the story.

Can someone help?


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As mentioned in the instructions when you created your question, we can't help unless we know what story format and version of the story format you are using.

If you're using SugarCube 2.13.0 or higher, check out this Reddit thread from the other day. If you're using an older version of SugarCube, I suggest upgrading to a more recent version. 

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thanks, it kinda works... but is the only choice to measure time in milisecs?

I need the player to finich the game in 3 hours, how do I do it?

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That'd be 10800000 (10.8 million) milliseconds. I would just plug that number in, to be honest, as it's the easiest way. The other alternative would be to just add some math that turns the values you want to use into milliseconds. Note that this method doesn't allow the timer to carry over with saves. If you want that functionality (which you may need for a three-hour game), let me know.
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